Life Goals and Some Other Motivational Shit

This blog post is dedicated to the real women, the women who have a ton on their plate but never stop. This is for the women who drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes on Saturday night and eat salad all week for lunch. For the women who work out and for the women who just work all the time. WHY?! Because they do shit for themselves. They strive to be the best they can be and they don’t need the satisfaction from anyone else. These ladies fucking love themselves. They own it, and they take pride in it. You go girls. They don’t sit there and judge anyone else for their life choices, and that’s because they don’t compete with anyone. They don’t give a shit what you do..their life revolves around themselves.

Now I’m not saying that the way to get through life is through selfish, shallow and egotistical ways…I’m just saying we should be the best version we can be and the way to do that isn’t via other people’s opinions of you. If you’re thinking that way..then stop it. I will slap your wrist.

Since when did we start doing things for the satisfaction of other people? When did this become a thing? I truly believe that some of us fantastic women go through life trying to please other people – completely neglecting ourselves. What drives us? What motivates us to be the best we can be? A job? A significant other? A potential significant other? WTF is UP with that? We strive to make more money, to lose weight, to get in shape, to learn how to be a trophy wife…for who? Should be your damn self is what (or Liam Hemsworth…exceptions to the rule ladies). I can definitely tell you out of personal experience that I have had people come into and out of my life over the years and it had nothing to do with how much I weighed, how often I worked out, or what I cooked them for dinner. You can’t leave you better learn to love you..for you.

I’m pretty fucking proud to say that I basically became friends with a girl who I admire. We’re she doesn’t really know yet but if I creep enough I’m sure she’ll figure it out. She’s also friends with Aaron Pritchett…and he’s cool as fuck so I would also like to be friends with him.  Definitely a life goal will be drinking whiskey with them.  Anyway, I think she woke up one day and said “Fuck it. I’m going to be the best person I can be now.” And she did. Like seriously 50 pounds later and she’s still going strong. Her name is Shannon (see link below) and though she’s already succeeding in life, I’m voting to help her win a contest she’s worked so damn hard for. You should too.

If you’re sitting around and you find that you don’t have that sense of motivation to be the best version of yourself..figure out what drives you! Find something that awakens a passion. I don’t care if it’s a sport or a hobby or a friend. Just figure it out! Brainstorm. Accomplish something. It is what drives most of us…you could paint a picture or knit a scarf or finish off a 26 of vodka all on your own in one night, but you accomplished something. Someone tells you not to jump on and dance on a ping pong table so you do it anyways. These are basic goals..but it makes you have purpose.

We’ve all heard the clichés and seen the memes, “If you don’t like your life, change it!”, “Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible”. These are great and if they motivate you? Even better. It takes a bit more than that to get my ass off the couch and my hand off the wine bottle. You read them sitting down scrolling through your pinterest anyway…with your bottle of wine.

Happy Friday everyone.

PS. I hope this post makes a little more sense than my last..I was going on day 3 of insomnia and I think I was a little looped. It’s still my favorite one, though..still might be looped.


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