There he goes he’s just a walkin’ down the – NO.

Ok, technically there is a very good chance that he was just walking down the street. But stop looking. Avert your eyes! He’s a jackass and you deserve so much more than that because you are one damn smart, beautiful, charismatic—–oh annnnnnnnd you’re gone…walking down the street…trying to catch  up to him. *sigh*

Let me be clear that this isn’t just any dude walking down the fucking street. This is the player. The one that gets constant attention because well…he doesn’t give it. He knows you’re into him. He’s quite smart. Not just a dick with a dick..he knows the game. And quite frankly you’re playing along.

Ladies! How many friends have we tried to help out when we see it black and white that these males aren’t interested but yet your friend swears with just a little more make up, a push up bra, some heels (these are simple forms of attention grabbers) that the guy will all of a sudden fall madly and deeply in love with them so they can carry on and live their fantasy life?  In fact…how many times has this happened to you?  Did you listen to your smart fucking friends that told you to give it up? You got mad..didn’t you? Yep. I know. didn’t listen.

This is the start of the worst game you can play. And I’m just calling it ‘The Game.’ Seriously, stupidest fucking thing to play…like if you’re going to play with something at should be fun (mind out of the gutter please I’m being serious). It gets you life. Like literally. I’ll save more of this for later.

But come ON! You’re smarter than that! Let’s (not) play a game..(ew that sounded so SAW Movie like) – are you constantly trying to get his attention and he really doesn’t care? He gives you just enough attention so that you keep up hope but it’s been like weeks and/or months (I pray not years sister) and it literally goes nowhere even though you’ve put in your utmost effort? Then stop. Walk the other way. Save yourself from the ultimate dumbest way to waste your day…days…whatever.
Side note: Cheers, to MY bottle of wine because I got paid today!

No but actually cheers to you too I hope you got paid because you don’t have that sugar daddy yet (key word..YET) and I’m sure you could use a glass of wine. Or a bottle. You know what go grab a box. We don’t judge here.

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