Grown Women of the World…We Salute You!

Ladies, women of the world, yes, all those mature ladies out there that have self respect and respect for others. This post is for you! Thank your parents, your guardians, your self…shit, thank whoever and whatever made you into the beautiful girl (inside and out) you are today.

Funny isn’t it – how many fucked up people you come across these days? How many – and we’ll just focus on fem-gender today (dear god there isn’t enough time or space to discuss males..KIDDING) insecure, bratty, self involved little unappreciative lassies have we encountered in our life? Wasn’t that sort of thing supposed to stop once we got out of junior high? Oh no..we had to wait until high school. Oh wait…nope…they’re still kicking around…they’re everywhere.  They’re those same people you figured you would never have to deal with again except…yeah no forget I said that.

Us women dealing with the daily ups and downs of life like school, work (maybe both), kids, pets, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancées, marriages, divorces, funerals, births, bills, houses, apartments, and the many other responsibilities we take care of (that almost winded me dear god I need to work out)…let’s add another one onto the list and that’s disrespectful, spoiled, attention seeking-because-they-have-literally-nothing-better-to do twat muffins (yes I said twat) that play a nice little curveball to try and mess with your already busy life.

Phew! Where’s the vodka??? Because, my bad bitches out there who are pretty much just like me, we can celebrate. We can celebrate the fact that, those poor selfish, individuals trying to ruin your day will really never make it as far as you in life. We laugh at the fact that someone actually has this much time in their day to interfere with your daily activities, probably because they don’t have enough business of their own so they go diving into everyone else’s. Too much time on their hands, and they go minding yours, am I right?!

Here’s a hint for you ‘girls’ out there, from us actual women to take into consideration:

Stop seeking attention from places you shouldn’t and then expect to be…well respected in life. Try finding something positive and meaningful to do. Try something that drives you to be a better person, and to appreciate life itself. Tearing down other women only makes you seem petty – ‘real’ women build eachother up for fuck sakes!

Us women are happy…please…go find your own happiness! Or inhale some vodka and take a nap (that’s just from yours truly). a strong coffee this morning

Disclaimer:  This blog IS dedicated to empowering women! And by god that’s really what we do. Empowered women are strong, and by that, we don’t put up with those who aren’t on our side, so please, disregard any comments you felt were the opposite. We know where we stand and that’s together! And if you’ve read this and gotten offended by something I’ve said, I apologize. You might not be someone I’d ever get along with, either though.

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