Fall Was the New Black


You know what paired really well with fall this season? White girls.

When I was a kid and the cooler, dry season came around, I was a little sad that there were no more visits to the beach, or weekend camping trips, and most importantly, that I had to go back to school after a lovely 2 months off. But I also recall fall being all about the colours of the fucking leaves changing, the blisters I’d obtain from helping rake the lawn, and then seeing how long I could jump into the pile of them I’d collected before getting into trouble (Let’s be honest, that’s the only reason I’d help rake leaves).

However, now that I’m older, fall has drastically changed my point of view as no longer being a season between summer and winter.

Nope, now this season goes out to the pumpkin spice drinking, boot and scarf wearing, possibly hipster toque buying females who literally can’t get enough of the short weeks leading up to winter. As Stewie might say, ‘This is no longer JUST a season.. this is a lifestyle, Brian.’ Fall is about style. It has nothing to do with denial of the harsh winter months ahead. This is a fashion statement. This is about belonging. So bitch you better have your boots, your scarves, and your tea. Curl up on your couch and start watching all the new shows that began airing between Sept – Oct. Heck, while you’re at it, bake some shit! And light some fucking candles. Your house will smell like the statement you meant to make.


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