Apples and….’Pears’

Ok ladies…Liqueur For Love has decided on a comeback.

I’m pretty fucking rusty I might add.

Sometimes, you can have a good thing, but it’s really not as good as well..having it with another. And sometimes you can have a bad thing, but paired with something else and you’re good as gold.

  • Fall                                                        Pumpkin Anything (and a boyfriend)
  • Mexican Food                                 Bathroom (plan ahead)
  • Burnt Toast                                      More Bread
  • Black Liquorice                              Garbage can (BURN. IT. ALL.)
  • Copious amounts of Vodka     Advil
  • 24 hours                                             More Time in the Day
  • Shopping mall                                  Someone Else’s Visa
  • Loneliness                                          Dog (I know, I’m deep)
  • Zac Efron                                            Me (I know you thought it was you but..that is incorrect)
  • My Cooking                                       Back up 7/11 Chicken
  • Bacon..                                                  More Bacon
  • Mornings                                             Caesars (for the experienced)
  • A Mistake                                            Plan B (do you even pun?)
  • My Wallet                                            Money (help me, I’m poor)
  • A Good Story                                     Minimum 5 Swear Words
  • Right Now                                            A Fucking Drink


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