Wednesday Woman Crushes

Oh look it’s a hypothetical Wednesday. Know what that means? Woman crushes (can’t wait for Monday).

So this is more of a mere observation into this because I can’t understand it.  Why do so many women who post #womancrushwednesdays choose some gorgeous female that is literally a spitting image of themselves? Am I the only one that comes across this time and time again? I even see males do it! They pick a woman that has similar features to themselves, smack a caption #wcw #sohot #dreamgirl and know that if they reincarnate into a female he’d be a spittin’ image of her.  Fucking odd, right?

Maybe women do this for man crush Mondays as well but I have to say that I’m too focused on all of the Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Gosling photos to take notice.  However, I do know that I would look nothing like a male Harvey Specter so ladies, you’re genuinely welcome on Monday from yours truly.

Is this some psychological phenomenon?  Or..are some of us constantly looking for approval?  Do we want people to point out the fact that yes, you indeed, look like this actress-should be a model-who fucking cares-you guys are both fucking gorgeous anyway? I don’t know.  What I do know, is that I suppose you love yourself. Nothing bad comes from that.  Everyone likes a pretty face, including yours. And you wouldn’t just  go around posting a selfie and naming yourself a woman crush Wednesday…because people might find that conceited, right? So is this a loophole? People – I’ve seriously been losing sleep over this. Getting fucking bitchy. No resting bitch face though I promise (cross my heart-cook you bacon).

And maybe this is some coincidence-don’t think I’m crazy-it’s just that I’m a woman-my mind runs through one hundred thoughts a second. Opinions?

Ladies, don’t worry. I just want some sleep, and I love you. All of you.

Cheers to sleeping pills.